GoPro Karma, more than just a drone

I just noticed this Tweet by Casey Neistat about the GoPro Karma:

I was intrigued, so I clicked the linked and ended up watching this amazing promotional video by GoPro:

 Here’s Casey Neistat testing an early prototype

Casey Neistat, the Youtube celebrity that got me onto this drone had the opportunity to thest an early prototype of the product. Check out his experiences and his review:

So what is GoPro Karma?

According to GoPro it’s an all-in-one life capturing system that combines aerial, handheld and mountable features.

This complete system has a camera stabilizer that can be connected to the GoPro Karma drone, to the grip and to the typical mounts. Have a look at their website to see all the features and specs.

The GoPro Karma drone

GoPro Karma droneThe drone looks awesome: it’s very compact, the landing gear and the propeller arms can be folded.

The drone comes with a remote that has a display and the necessary buttons to control the drone. According to GoPro the Karma drone is incredibly easy to fly.GoPro Karma controller

The grip

GoPro Karma gripAs it is not just about the drone, the GoPro Karma also comes with a grip. The grip easily connects with the stabilizer that holds the camera.It also has some buttons to control the camera.






The third goal of the GoPro Karma system is to be able to mount the camera to the typical GoPro mounts. In this case it’s both the camera and the stabilizer that are mounted.

There are also backups that fit the drone, but that also allow you to mount the camera for a hands-free experience.

I like it

I like GoPro a lot, I own a Hero 4 black with a bunch of accessories. This one’s definitely on my wishlist, not that I’m planning to buy it anytime soon. I wonder how it compares to the DJI Phantom 4.