Interviewing Gary Hockin from JetBrains, talking about Developer Evangelism, travel, PHPStorm & PHP community conferences

A couple of weeks ago I was in Las Vegas for Zendcon where I had to opportunity to chat with a lot of friends from the PHP community. This week’s episode features Gary Hockin, developer evangelist at JetBrains. Gary advocates the PHPStorm project and is a proud Welshman.

Because Gary and I are both evangelists, one of the central themes of the interview is developer evangelism. We talk about the life, the travel, the public speaking, but also about the not so glamorous parts of the job.

Throughout the conversation we also talk about PHPStorm and PHP community conferences. Gary is definitely a nice guy to chat with!


Here’s the interview that was recorded in my hotel room at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.


If you want to listen to the interview in your car, on the train or while you’re jogging, check out the audio-only version on SoundCloud: