Interviewing Jeremy Coates, the organizer of the PHP North West Conference

Yes, that’s right, another video interview. This one was recorded on October 4th in Manchester when I was at PHP North West Conference 2015. One of my favorite European community conferences.

My special guest is the organizer of this very conference. His name is Jeremy Coates and we’ve known each other for quite a while. It was Jeremy who inspired us to organize the PHPBenelux Conference, which we did back in 2010. Safe to say that this man is a source of inspiration. This year marks the 8th edition of the conference. I’ve been to 5 of them and I’ve been a speaker at 4 of the ones I attended.

This episode is all about organizing conferences which is no surprise when you put 2 community conference organizers in the same room. We give the audience a bit of insight and explain how we initially started out and how we have grown. Both of our conferences are now established events and we managed to pull it off without a lot of funding.

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This is the video footage of the interview

Audio only

In case you just want to listen, here’s the audio.