Visiting the Coolblue offices in Rotterdam

On Tuesday July 19th I was invited to speak at the Coolblue Behind The Scenes event at their offices in Rotterdam. I did a presentation on PHP 7 and got to visit their amazing offices.

The video

Here’s the video that contains the full trip report. The video contains footage of:

  • Me driving
  • Hanging out in the cafeteria and having burgers
  • The presentations
  • The office tour
  • The spectacular Mainport hotel where I spent the night.

Hope you enjoy the video!

Who the hell is Coolblue and why do I care so much?

Coolblue is the Benelux market leader in consumer electronics. They got their fame because of their authentic style, fast delivery times, good customer services and personal branding. They are SO brand-aware, you can’t even imagine.

So why do I care? Well, first of all they’re a big PHP shop and I care about that. They’re very nice people, so that’s a plus too. And finally: they were the platinum sponsor at PHPBenelux Conference 2016.

They have been very good to use and they’ve been giving back to the community. Gotta respect that!

The presentations

The event consisted of 2 presentations:

Here are the slides for my presentation:

I talked about the history of PHP 7 and how the struggles of PHP 6 affected what we now know in the wonderful world of PHP. I also talked about features and performance.

The office tour

Coolblue has spectacular offices. No need to share pictures, just watch the video, you’ll love it!

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